The Power of Mindset: How Your Attitude Toward Risk Affects Your Business

Memarzadeh Ali
3 min readDec 22, 2022


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I remember the day I decided to start my own business like it was yesterday. I was filled with excitement and a sense of adventure, but also with a healthy dose of fear. As a first-time entrepreneur, I knew that starting a business involved taking risks — and lots of them. However, my mindset toward risk played a significant role in my decision to take the leap. In this article, we will explore the role of mindset in risk taking and provide examples from well-known companies around the world to demonstrate and prove this point.

  • A positive mindset can increase the likelihood of success.

A positive mindset can be a powerful tool in risk taking. When you approach risks with a positive attitude, you are more likely to see opportunities and be open to new ideas. This can increase the likelihood of success and help you to embrace risk rather than avoid it. A great example of this is when Airbnb co-founders Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia took the risk of starting a company that allowed people to rent out their homes. Despite the risks, they approached the venture with a positive mindset and were able to turn it into a successful business.

  • A negative mindset can lead to missed opportunities.

On the other hand, a negative mindset can lead to missed opportunities and hold you back from taking risks that could lead to success. This was the case with Blockbuster, the once-dominant movie rental company. When Netflix first launched, Blockbuster had the opportunity to acquire the company and enter the streaming market. However, the company’s negative mindset toward streaming and a focus on their traditional business model led them to miss this opportunity. Today, Netflix is a major player in the streaming industry, while Blockbuster has all but disappeared.

  • Mindset can influence decision-making.

Mindset can also influence decision-making and shape the way you approach risks. A positive mindset can help you to see the potential rewards of taking a risk, while a negative mindset may lead you to focus on the potential downsides and avoid risk. This was the case with Amazon, when the company decided to take the risk of expanding into the online grocery market with Amazon Fresh. Despite the potential risks, Amazon’s positive mindset and focus on customer convenience helped them to succeed in this venture.

  • Mindset can be changed and cultivated.

While mindset may come naturally to some, it can also be cultivated and changed over time. By actively seeking out new experiences and challenges, you can develop a more positive mindset and become more comfortable with risk-taking. This was the case with Elon Musk, who has a history of taking bold risks and pushing the boundaries of what is possible. By embracing new challenges and a growth mindset, Musk has been able to achieve incredible success in a variety of industries.

In conclusion, mindset plays a crucial role in risk taking. A positive mindset can increase the likelihood of success and help you to embrace risk, while a negative mindset can hold you back and lead to missed opportunities. By cultivating a positive mindset and being open to new experiences, you can become more comfortable with risk-taking and achieve success in your business. Thank you for reading this article! If you enjoyed it and want to see more content like this, please follow me on Medium. I regularly post new articles and insights on a variety of topics, and I would love to have you as a part of my community. Thank you for your support, and I look forward to connecting with you on Medium.



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